Suspension analysis

The design and kinematics of the rear suspension have a strong impact on your bike performance. Kinematics can affect how efficient your bike pedals, how well your bike absorbs bumps and big impacts, and how your bike handles with braking.

From XC, Enduro or Downhill, we all have different riding styles and we all ride on different types of terrain. Not every bike are optimized for your style. To get the most of your bike it is crucial to match the kinematics with your riding style.

Here you can request my technical knowledge to analyse rear suspension designs and to help  finding the kinematics that fits you.


My name is André, from Portugal, and since the late 90's I have a passion for mountain-bikes, suspensions and physics. 


I created the YouTube channel "andrextr" as an hobby to freely share my passion and knowledge about MTB suspension. During this time I collaborated with some bike manufacturers as an external R&D consultant and as a trainer. I also collaborated with technical reviews for a main MTB online magazine. 

Here, I provide tailored technical services for riders and companies. 

Have fun! 



Are you spending a fortune on a new mountain-bike? Are you not sure if it has a progressive linkage or good pedaling efficiency?

Do you want to know whether your bike will work well with a coil shock or an air shock?

Or are you a Local Bike Shop owner who wants to provide more added value to customers?


Don't worry, let me help you!


Basic bike analysis

25 €  (approx. 27$ USD)

Request any full-suspension bike.
You will get a two-page PDF file containing:

- Analysis of pedal efficiency (Anti-Squat);

- Analysis of progressivity (Leverage Ratio);

- Comment about suitability to coil or air shocks;

- Comment about suitability to your riding style;

- Explanation of concepts with a easy-to-understand and practical language.


For multiple bikes: 10% discount

Jumping Mountain Biker

Advanced bike analysis

40 €  (approx. 45$ USD)

Request any full-suspension bike.

You will get a four-page PDF file containing:


- Analysis of pedal efficiency (Anti-Squat)

- Analysis of progressivity (Leverage Ratio)

- Analysis of braking (Anti-rise)

- Analysis of axle-path, kickback and chain-growth

- 5 graphs for anti-squat, anti-rise, chain-growth, axle path and leverage ratio

- Comment about suitability to coil or air shocks.

- Comment about suitability to your riding style and terrain

- Explanation of concepts with a easy-to-understand and practical language

For multiple bikes: 10% discount

Professor que escreve uma fórmula em um

Training & consultancy

Ask for a quote

Do you own a Local Bike Shop?

I can offer tailored online courses to your staff, using real examples of bikes you sell. Trained employees can bring value by offering better guidance to customers. 

Are you a bike manufacturer?

I can offer consultancy services for suspension design and kinematics optimization.

Do you want to promote your bike?

I can make independent bike analysis videos on my youtube channel.

- and more...

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FOX Service Center Iberia

At FOX Service Center we seek for excellence in service and, to ensure it, we rely on the experience from the best technicians.

The training is a fundamental tool to acquire the skills, and the cooperation with André has proven to be crucial for the knowledge update by our technicians team.


Brandon Turman,

Vital MTB

André's breadth of suspension knowledge and analysis skills have been an excellent compliment to our mountain bike reviews. Only with hard numbers can you get the most clear and informed picture of bike performance.


MBR Magazine

"Send Andre your bike details and he'll get back to you with all of the info"

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